Additional Services

At we strive to fulfill ALL of your real estate needs! Our additional services include:

Connecting you with local agents: Not every customer want’s to sell fast. For those who would like to get the most exposure for their house and are willing to wait the 3+ months a traditional sale takes, we have you covered. We work with licensed Realtors® in all counties of California. Call us at 408-768-1247 today to set up a free appointment!

Remodeling: If you are not looking to sell and just want to upgrade your home we also have you covered! Our business works directly with professional licensed  contractors. Everything from kitchen/bathroom upgrades, new paint jobs,  new roof/roof repair and MUCH more! Call 408-768-1247 today to learn about our discounted pricing.

Investment knowledge: Looking to start investing in real estate….GREAT! We love working with eager investors. Our experts can recommend great books, blogs and forums for you to boost your financial IQ.


Have a question? Call us TODAY at 408-768-1247. We love meeting new people, networking and educating our community!